At Victory Home Care, Inc., our team consists of skilled Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurses who deliver comprehensive nursing care tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our nurses are not only highly trained but also possess extensive experience in providing compassionate care to our patients, whether in the comfort of their homes or their preferred facilities.

Pediatric Care & CAP/C Services

Our specialized nursing team is adept at providing attentive pediatric care alongside Comprehensive Care for Children (CAP/C) services, ensuring children receive the precise medical attention they require.

Infusion Services

With expert proficiency in infusion therapy, our nurses administer medications and fluids safely and effectively in the comfort of your home, minimizing hospital visits and maximizing convenience.

Cardiac Care

Our cardiac nursing services are designed to manage heart conditions with personalized care plans, monitoring, and education, promoting heart health and well-being.

Complex Wound Care

Our skilled nurses excel in complex wound management, employing advanced techniques and treatments to promote healing and prevent complications.

Pulmonary Care

Offering specialized care for respiratory conditions, our nurses assist with oxygen therapy, respiratory treatments, and education for optimal pulmonary health.

Basic Nursing

From monitoring vital signs to providing personal care, our nursing team delivers fundamental nursing services with expertise and compassion, ensuring comfort and well-being.

Constipation Management

We provide comprehensive constipation management, offering relief through tailored interventions and education on preventive measures.

Catheter Care

Our trained nurses specialize in catheter care, ensuring proper hygiene, maintenance, and comfort for patients requiring urinary catheters.


With skilled phlebotomy services, our nurses proficiently collect blood samples for diagnostic testing, ensuring accuracy and patient comfort.

Patient and Family Education on Diseases

Empowering patients and families with knowledge, our nurses offer comprehensive education on various diseases, treatment options, and self-care practices.

Oxygen Administration

Our nursing team expertly administers oxygen therapy, ensuring proper levels and techniques for respiratory support, enhancing comfort and well-being.

Medication Teaching and Management

We provide thorough medication teaching and management, ensuring patients understand their medications and adhere to prescribed regimens for optimal health outcomes.

Diabetic Care and Teaching

Specializing in diabetic care, our nurses offer personalized management plans, education on glucose monitoring, insulin administration, and lifestyle adjustments for effective diabetes control.

Enteral Care (Tube Feeding)

Our nursing staff is skilled in enteral care, providing safe and precise tube feeding administration, monitoring, and support for patients with nutritional needs.

Ostomy Care

With expertise in ostomy care, our nurses offer compassionate support, education, and management for patients with ostomies, promoting comfort and independence.

Geriatric Care

Our geriatric nursing services are tailored to meet the unique needs of older adults, focusing on promoting independence, managing chronic conditions, and enhancing quality of life.

Management of Care Plan

Our nursing team ensures seamless coordination and management of care plans, collaborating with healthcare providers and caregivers to deliver comprehensive and personalized care for each individual.

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