What We Do Our Services

At Victory Home Care, Inc., our team of dedicated Registered Nurses, Certified Home Aides, and Personal Care Aides is committed to providing tailored services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

nurse assisting the elderly

Incontinence Care

Our trained caregivers offer respectful assistance with managing bladder or bowel control challenges, ensuring our clients' comfort and dignity.

caregiver assisting the elderly

Private Duty

Our dedicated nurses work one-on-one with individual clients, offering care either in the comfort of their homes or within institutions like hospitals or similar facilities.

caregiver feeding the elderly

Meal Preparation And Feeding

Our caregivers handle everything from meal planning to cooking with care and attention. For those needing assistance with feeding, our caregivers provide patient support.

caregiver vacuuming

Light Laundry And House Keeping

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caregiver holding a notebook

Personal Attendant Care

Our personal care assistants step in when tasks become challenging or potentially hazardous, providing non-medical assistance to older adults in need.

caregiver cleaning the house

Chore Services

Our licensed workers at Victory Home Care, Inc. are experienced in both hands-on care and chore services, providing comprehensive support tailored to individual needs.

caregiver assisting the elderly woman bathing


Our caregivers are trained to offer respectful support during these tasks. Whether it's bathing or dressing assistance, we strive to make the process stress-free.

nurse with the elderly

Sitter Services

Our referred non-medical caregivers offer in-home companionship to keep your loved one socially engaged, accompanying them to social events and more.

caregiver giving medicine to the elderly woman

Medication Reminders

Our professionals offer assistance with reading labels and providing gentle reminders, helping seniors stay on track with their medication schedules and reducing risks.

careguver holding hands to the elderly

Respite Services

Our respite care services provide you with the freedom to take a well-deserved break from your caregiving duties, allowing you to recharge and relax.